Birthday weekend!

Birthday weekend!

Not mine but number two son, and it was awesome. Mum and Dad visiting from Friday, got out of work a bit early because of all the extra I'd done this week. Quite a big shop on the way home for supplies, then home and then off to see number one son's gymnastics, he's doing great. Delicious dinner together and then a trip to the Inn Doors with dad, very nice!

Saturday morning Mum and Dad wanted to go to the Old High Street to buy something they'd seen so we tagged along too, and went to CC13 bike cafe for the first time and it's pretty good. Vegan option advertised which was avocado on toast, nicely done and nicely presented though! There is a vegan cake on offer but it goes pretty quickly. This was our elevenses as we were going to miss lunch today.

At lunchtime we had a party at Kidz Planet which went well. Always think it's going to be horrible and chaotic there, but it only was a bit. Nice to meet some of the other parents too. He's come away with A LOT presents, and as his is the first one of the year, and some of these parents are new to this class party lark, the standard is quite high! It will start to drop after they've done 5 parties in a month I bet...

In the evening we had a good curry again from Clay Oven and didn't go out, was an exhausting day.

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Mon Nov 06 2017