Gymnastics chaos

Gymnastics chaos

Queued up outside the sports centre fro 05:10 in Storm Brian to sign the boys up for gymnastics. Wondered (as always) if I'd got the wrong day as no-one else was there, but as I got out of the car other people sprang from theirs too and a queue soon formed around us. I was not tempted to go for a relaxing walk because of a) the rain and b) I nearly missed out by misjudging how quickly the queue would build last time.

They opened the doors early because of the rain, but asked us to wait in the cafe because the floors were being mopped. This turned the queue into a bit of a bundle, and then as the cafe filled up more people piled in and it became a proper scrum. The person who was originally first in the queue rearranged things in a relatively friendly fashion again so I regained my third place without having to actually push any gym-mums over.

Both boys signed up for one more term and I'm home again by 6.30.

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Fri Oct 20 2017

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