Triple treat weekend

Triple treat weekend

More than three treats really, a full weekend of treats for those boys I would say but yesterday we fitted in [] swimming [] cinema [*] Pizza Hut the lucky devils... swimming maybe less of a treat than the others, particularly as it was all about getting the little one to practice. In his lessons he is not doing well it seems, but they don't get in the pool with him and he doesn't get much attention. I thought I could do a better job, and I think I did. We went to Folkestone pool, so there were no inflatable or slide distractions, but unfortunatey the little pool was closed. We went for it anyway and crowded into the shallow end with all the other non-swimmers trying to do the same things. So a bit chaotic, but we managed some kicking of the legs holding the float, and jumping in off the side, which is things he's not managed in his lessons so far. We will go again soon.

Only thing two and I did this, while thing one and Clare stayed home to write up the Nelson homework.

Cinema was good, though I still don't generally enjoy the cinema experience. We went for the 3D show because the times worked out better but it really is not worth paying extra for. There were only about ten people in this screen, early afternoon on a Sunday, it's not a super popular film I think. After we went to pizza hut and it was very nice. I was dismissive of this place for so long but it's perfect for the kids and the salad bar is good.

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Mon Oct 16 2017

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