When you name these storms, it makes them stronger


When you name these storms, it makes them stronger

It was Storm Aileen that was making a proper racket last night, kept us awake.

Got another idea for my not sleeping on a Tuesday, where I have first been blaming diet day, and then marmite. Tuesday is our first fast day of the week, we don't eat so much, and then I don't sleep well on a Tuesday night. Clare thinks it is the not drinking that is stopping me sleeping, but why do I not have this issue on a Monday then? If not fasting then I thought my routine cup of Marmite after tea (to pad out my low calorie meal with a tasty beverage) was affecting it... now I have a new theory, Tuesday is my first day back in the office of the week. I wfh on a Monday. I have about 5 coffees when I'm in the office, I only have 2 when I'm at home on a Monday...

Fridays maybe the cider counters the coffees. Does not explain Wednesdays though, when I sleep fine... I will cut out the coffee next Tuesday.
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I should have titled that one "Come On Ailleen"

Anyway it is all calm again here, the storm has passed...
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