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Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness. I would love t

Hmm: "Recently our company released a string quartet tribute to The Darkness. I would love to send you a copy for linking, reviewing, posting, whatever you think your viewers and patrons might be interested in"... it's on apparently, though I'm waiting for a CD too... I think this might be in response to the newly restarted popex divi mail. I put in a shout out for free Motley Crue tickets, and have had TWO positive responses... will see if they pan out.

Old Street art prank today, a sign just saying "Are You Sure" at Clerkenwell Road end of Old Street... it's nice, I'm spotting a few bits of graffiti that I've not seen before too, maybe it's the leaves dropping off the trees and uncovering more of the background... the same fabulous feat of nature means we get more of a sea view at this time of year too. Not in London though, only Folkestone... yeah pictures one day.

Really pissed off with computers generally at the moment, having trouble connecting the IPOD to my computer at work, still can't connect flatmate's IPOD at home. Been reminded I still have this iMac that I can't get into, and having hassle getting pictures off my phone. Why's everything got to be so complex? I'm a bit tech-savvy, but I'm having real aggro... still one bit of schadenfreud, I have been proved right about something. That's about all I can say unfortunately, but YEAH ME! Went with an instinct, didn't cut a corner, and the people who did cut the corner have messed right up, there in a worse and more expensive position than they were when we started.

Also, smart, I changed the way my searching routines work and now popex searches for bands (The Darkness, The Tears, Steve Brookstein, ect ect) are coming up with more useful results than before...
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back from eastern europe bruvs...was proper cold and ting.

so isnt it the case that those ipod thingies cant be manhandled like that? i heard that they can only be registered to one computer. however, just typing that aloud makes me think it's pure bollocks as it's a wholly illogical and would go against what apple stands stood for.
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How you getting on with Bulldog DSL btw?

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fine thanks

although i just have their 1mb service which is provided through bt...unfortunately even though i live in central london i live by an exchange which doesnt have their kit in, so i couldnt take advantage of their 4mb service. must say though, it is by far the BEST isp ive ever had. not had one outage. no complaints about the outrageous amount of bandwidth i use...last night i did a good 2.5gb. only thing that i wish they did was free pop3 email accounts but they cost still considering buying some webspace though...just a question of having the time to sit down, learn dreamweaver and get my site up and running. ive got some good ideas, really i just have to sit my arse down and do it. but do i do it at xmas or do i spend xmas playing the getaway - black monday ?? having played the first one i can confirm it;s awesome and the village streets have been replicated really accurately.
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It's hard to know

It's seeming to make sense that they're trying to control this, the only things I'm doing differently to other people is connecting two IPODs to one computer, and connecting one IPOD to two computers...
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Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there!

Hmm, having a lot of Apple related computer problems there!
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yeah, they're not related though

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When I get a password for the iMac I might well plug the IPOD into it... My IPOD connects to my PC at home just fine! It's just when I try and expand my music sharing web a little...
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