Number one son's behaviour improved immeasurably


Number one son's behaviour improved immeasurably

Does this mean I should keep the Wimpy Kid books confiscated? Or return them as a reward? He has been a delight for the last few days, especially with his brother. After doing a deal on the reward chart, where he had more stars than his brother, he offered him one back so that they were more event again. What do stars mean?
Prizes! Or rather sweets.

Things only became unbalanced really because of a trade when compromising over a meal - they both wanted different things, I suggested one picks the meal, and the other one gives them a star, he was all over that, happy to eat anything if it meant more sweets. It's working out well! There were also extra stars for amazing swimming - he has cracked diving - and also prize day. No prize this year, but we are proud anyway. The only real loser over this is the teacher - we had bought a bottle of wine as an end of year gift, but when we came away with no prize this year, we drank it instead. That makes fair doesn't it?
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