Premium bonds win!

Premium bonds win!

I forgot I had premium bonds there, while counting up my vast financial empire. But I just won 25 today, kerching!

I think I have sorted out the selling of the shares in order to fund the holidays. I don't really need to do this now, but I have devastated my holiday savings funds in order to, er, pay for the holiday. They were savings for specific big holidays years in advance, and I've taken the whole lot for one relatively spontaneous holiday this year. Spontaneous in that we only booked it about eighteen months in advance...

Anyway, have spoken to work, there is no share window yet there should be one by the end of the year, but they'll give me any money I want now as an interest free loan, that I pay back when the share window is open and I can sell again. Hopefully by then the share price will have boomed further and I should be quids in. Fingers crossed...

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Thu Jul 13 2017

Paul Clarke


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