Up early again today

Up early again today

Didn't sleep so well, mostly for worrying about things that were not real. I had a panicky dream about having to get somewhere and do something; these are fairly common but usually unspecific, just a vague notion of trying to be somewhere and things happening that stop me getting there, usually missing trains and getting lost. This time it was specific though, I had to get the car in for MOT and the boys to a holiday sports club and then to work and it wasn't happening. There is no holiday sports club, and the MOT is not due. Still I got up early for not being able to sleep.

Clare points out I have relaxed on my rule about not using my phone late at night. Normally I turn it off by 9pm but have been checking it later the last few days. Partly checking on Dad's new Nest camera, and partly just wanting to know what is going on, wanting updates on horrible situations like the fire at Grenfell Tower. General worries about what we'd do in that sort of situation must be adding to the lack of sleep.

Today is a diet too.

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Thu Jun 15 2017

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