I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but


I didn't spend the whole bank holiday in the pub, but

I did get in three more pubs that I have not mentioned yet, I will report back individually...
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Bank holiday pub crawl 1) Chambers Easter Ales Fest

Had some DFL friends in town so the one who was not breastfeeding came out to the pub with me for the night. Starting in Chambers as the Easter Ales beer festival was on. I got there first, and it was busy but a bit odd. Very much the feeling that I'd got there too late even though it was about 7pm. People had been in and drinking all day, and though it was technically a beer festival it wasn't a beer festival crowd or atmosphere in there.

I had a couple of halves of the two darkest beers on offer, they were OK, but wasn't really enjoying the mood of the place so much. When my drinking buddy arrived he thought the same - though to be fair it may just have been my mood. We tried the ciders, but they were not good. All the ciders on offer were from the same place and they were all flavoured cider. Nothing just apple flavoured, all were disguising the goodness of the apple by adding grapefruit or lemon or whatever. We went for the two oddest sounding ones, and they weren't nice. Strong, and sweet, mine was mint and something, maybe mint and grapefruit? The mint was like toothpaste mint, not so nice. Didn't finish it and we left, shame. First time ever possibly I have not absolutely loved a trip to Chambers.
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Bank holiday pub crawl 2 (or was it three) Kipps

My first of two trips to Kipps in a week, enjoyable place to sit and chat, I had a paddle of three different ciders.
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Bank holiday pub crawl 3 (or was it 2) Bathtub and Gunn

Took a walk down to the Harbour Arm, or rather I dragged my buddy down there. He was tired, had been up early and would be up early again the next morning with the little one. We had a look in The Waiting Room but there were people dancing in there and we just wanted to sit. They have a good range of bottles and cans in Bathtub and Gunn, I had some fancy stout.

Walked home after this one, not a late night. If we'd stayed for just one more then my walk home would have started counting into the next day, as it was I did 25,000 steps on this day. Still on over 10,000 every day so far this year.
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