Have made actual progress on tidying the study (#24662)


todo: Tidy the study

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Jim has given me a big bag of photos, I'm planning to scan them, they're cluttering up my study at the moment. I really want to clear out the study a bit, it's a mess. I could get rid of some of the furniture in there I think, though I am always loathe to get rid of anything.

Consider this an official todo!

I've already made a start on the big stack of old music papers. Seems they have no value, I'd still like to go through them so I can log some of the gigs etc on the gerald and on my own gigography, but maybe I should be honest that I'm not going to finish this. I won't chuck them, but I will loft them.

Also got a nice little side table that I don't have a lot of use for. Can't fit it in the loft, but don't really want to get rid of it. Wondering if I can adapt it as a writing desk for Harry...

Now listing my todo list over in the sidebar there too -->

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Read / processed another five old NMEs

Hmm I'm not making much progress on this massive stack of paper, and I'm losing interest in it really. It's nice to reminisce, so maybe I'll keep them and just leaf through one once in a while..
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Have made actual progress on tidying the study

The NME pile is gone, now to rearrange a bit more get rid of that sideboard and make it a useful space again. Maybe put up some shelves, I'm into shelves at the moment...
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