Tiring day at IKEA


Tiring day at IKEA

Quite an exhausting shop but could have been worse. Good run there then booked the boys in for a session in the Smalland soft play area for 1pm. Did some of the showroom and got lunch -they do vegan meatballs now! Let them have their play while we did the rest of the showroom and chose a desk and chair and a rug. Got a bargain on the rug, was cheap anyway then we had to have the display one as it has been discontinued. So a lot less than I thought we'd spend on that but then there was the surprise 150 on a desk and chair. Still a bargain, but want expecting that this month. Now to dismantle the bed in the spare room and assemble that...

Disappointed by the led candles that I had seen online, they're not even real wax so I'll get those elsewhere if I bother. Was hoping to automate / remote control them but they'd not look good enough...

Also disappointing that friends who are moving DFL did not like the house they went to see today in shorncliff road. Looks nice online. Hope they find something soon. I will link to the pictures on right move now they're not going for it...
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