Park filled weekend


Park filled weekend

Up quite promptly Saturday morning so we could go into work with Clare and so keep the car. Checked out the new wild play area in the secret garden of the white cliffs. I would say my initial impression was underwhelming; I'd heard it was quite expensive and it didn't look like much. However the boys loved it and they played Ninja Warrior there for an hour or more.

We went to Brock Hill for more Ninja Warrior assault course action and lunch, was a lovely day.

Also dragged them into Homebase as I heard they had the really useful boxes I needed. They had so much choice there that I went with something different in the end, but now my NME collection is safely stashed in airtight boxes in the loft. Going to get some more that are the right sizes for the comics too as they're pretty convenient for stacking.

They had all the shelving bits I needed there too, though I did not invest just yet, trying to keep the spending down this month. Going to put up a stack of shelves in the boys rooms and move some of the floor standing furniture out, to give them more room.

Probably going to IKEA this weekend for more lookings.

Very busy with work still not much time to write here.
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