Twenty years ago today, Catatonia at the Joiners

Twenty years ago today, Catatonia at the Joiners

A glut of these post-britpop type bands at the Joiners at this time. I missed Placebo at the same venue the day before as I was at another gig that I now cannot remember, possibly something a bit more ROCK at the Wedgewood rooms, or possibly a comedy cabaret type thing there. Someone I knew from gigs asked me if they could interview Placebo for my fanzine SOLD OUT, and they did. Seems odd now they needed to ask me, as if the fanzine provided them some authority for them to get into the gig maybe. Still got it, it's one of the only pieces of original content I ever had.

Anyway this is not about Placebo it should be about Catatonia. I thought they were good but I can't remember any specifics of this gig. There were a couple of support bands, they might have been local.

Twenty years on my nephew George is now a regular at the Joiners, nothing changes.

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Mon Jan 25 2016

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