Never mind twenty years ago what about now?

Never mind twenty years ago what about now?

Not much planned for this weekend. Clare is working tomorrow, and Harry doesn't have any actual written homework to do so we will have a quiet day but fun.

Someone at work made these vegan brownies today, they were good and really simple, think I have all the ingredients in so might try and make them.

Day 22 of not drinking, not missing it much. A bit, that's why I mention it. Looking forward to giving my new home brew a try, though it won't be ready for a week or so after my self imposed exile from the land of booze. Going to London next weekend, don't know if I'll get time to go in a pub there though. Maybe if we do the same routine we did last time we stayed in a hotel with the boys - put the boys to bed, one of us sits in the bathroom and the other goes down to the bar until they fall asleep ...

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Fri Jan 22 2016

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