Lyman wills

Lyman wills

Looking for James LYMAN online, no joy yet, but I have found a Lyman in Salford:

LYMAN Frank of 10 Nelson Street Salford 5 died 7 October 1959 at Crumpsall Hospital Manchester 8 Probate Manchester 16 November to Ada Sinclair married woman. Effects 553 2s 2d

Guessing Ada Sinclair might have been this feller's sister. No idea if there is a connection yet, just keeping notes.

Here's another one with a Lancashire connection, though not Salford (where I think our Lymans were) but the first James Lyman I've found. There aren't really that many Lyman's about so you never know. Withington is only 6 miles from Salford:

LYMAN James William of 2 Boundary street West Chorlton-on-Medlock Lancashire died 30 November 1935 at 20 Nell Lane Withington Lancashire. Administration Birmingham 9 August to Annie Lyman widow. Effects 450.

strangeley this guy died in 1935 but his will is in the 1946 section.

Another one in a sort of similar area:

Lyman George of 44 Cook Street Barrow-in-Furness Lancashire died 1 March 1917 at Station Lane Cakemore Worcestershire Probate London 1 August to John Lyman auctioneer's clerk James Lyman health inspector and George Lyman miner. Effects 400 10s.

The James Lyman who inherits there could be the same James as above.

If that's not our James Lyman then it means he didn't leave a will. Most of the people I've looked up have not left a will though so this probate search is not that useful a resource for us.

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Sat Jan 10 2015

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