Great weekend

Great weekend

Good run down to Mum and Dad's yesterday morning, straight to Gunwharf where we met them and had a nice lunch in Cafe Rouge. Then to see my Nan and then straight to The Crown in Fareham to meet friends. Then from there to The Kings Head in Wickham where more friends arrived. Hadn't been there before I don't think, it's a nice pub in a nice spot I think I'll go back with the family in tow. Lots of banter, then to Kuti's for quite a good curry, then back to The Kings Head then got a lift home! Brilliant night, went very fast, so good to see you Andy, Roly, Chris, and Dave.;

number two son had us up quite early this morning, then instead of the normal big family lunch we had a huge family cooked breakfast, Kerry and the boys came up too. Then a good drive home again, no problems.

We have been playing a game on the road, spotting numbers. Starting with 1 (where else), if you see that number on its own on a number plate or road sign then you can move on to the next number. We're up to 41 now. This game replaces a game of Number one son's invention, where you get 2 points for spotting a foreign number plate and 4 pounds for spotting a black number plate.

Home to cleaning and tidying, and hoping to find some time to replace the raspberry pi that I just blew up. Luckily I had one spare in a box, I bought one by mistake last time I did an order from CPC. It's annoying that I had literally just got my Motion security camera system working automatically on the boot of the camera, all the scripts were lined up nicely. I can't just reuse the sd card from the fried camera in the new raspberry pi either, it would be nice if that just worked and the new one was a clone of the old one, but the old one is a model B and the new one is a B+ so it's a different sized sd card slot. I started cooking a new plan for the new pi though anyway, as Mum and Dad gave me their old kitchen TV. It's an old Sony Bravia LCD, so flat screen wall mountable, and it has an hdmi input so I'm going to use it as a media centre in the playroom. It also has scart which my main TV does not any more, so I'm going to try out the bird box camera at some point too. I can't use this TV as a TV, as we have no TV signal round here, but as a monitor and an xbmc front end it will probably do nicely...

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Sun Sep 21 2014