Weekend update


Weekend update

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About time for a weekend update, all the things I didn't have time to write yesterday, if I can remember it all.

I got in the bragging about the quiz, but just to remind you we were the "Uptown Architects", as we couldn't think of a funny name, and that's what quizmaster Chris thought we were called last time. The standard of team names was generally low this week, but I'd like to think the question answering standard was high, and we were just the best. And there were only three on our team!

Rest of the weekend was also ace, Clare and I raced straight to the 'Stone, herself unusually not being able to get out of work early, so we travelled together, lovely. My love is right though, there is something depressing about the old slam door trains on that route. At Charing Cross they're annoying because they're too full, those three person seats were never meant to hold three people. Then when it passes Sevenoaks, Tonbridge etc, it empties out, and starts to feel a bit cold and sad. ANYWAY, we got each other, baby we'll make it I swear, and we did, and we went to Chambers for a few pints. Jamaican dancehall night in the main bit, but in the little bar we were treated to Radio Soulwax though I'm not actually sure it was this one.

Saturday morning up promptly with chores, headed downtown to get some food in, and go to the travel agent, where we got the brochure we want for honeymoon ideas... cleaned the flat good and proper ready for our guests coming down from London, and we headed out to a NEW BAR! This is very exciting for Folkestone, and it actually didn't let us down... we had table service and constant top ups of our drinks, so subsequently I can't even remember the name of the place, but it was very nice. It's mostly likely called The View, and it's on the sea front near McDonalds and Timothy's Wine Bar, but facing the sea. Ah, that's why it's called The View. The front can be opened up completely, though it wasn't this day, and inside is a bit like an All Bar One (which Folkestone doesn't have) but with some nice original artworks on the wall. We didn't eat, though they will be doing food, and we'll surely be reviewing that soon.

The drinks menu had a philosophy / mission statement on it, which is nice, but again I'm a bit hazy as to what it said. It DID mention the artworks, and a specially designed staircase, which we asked about. The manager was good enough gave us a quick tour, there's a huge downstairs club-type bar which will be open soon, and I think there are function rooms too. The staircase is glass and underlit, and has a matching designer stairlift to provide access to everyone.

Some slight aggro on the way out, which I don't understand, someone accused us of bringing our own drinks in, though we're not sure if she was connected with the bar or not. Into a taxi and home! We're pretty sure we can go back to this one again. I hope so, it's raised the standard for bars in the area.

Sunday daytime was a quite stroll around town and down to the sea, we seem to have broken our friends from London slightly, they were very quiet.

Final stage of the weekend is the quiz, which I believe I already mentioned...

What happened to Radio Soulwax volume one then?
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