How to do Disneyland Paris

How to do Disneyland Paris

Going to update this with my guide for how to best do disneyland paris / eurodisney, how to get the best out of your trip. Not sure I made the best of it, it's quite hard to do.

[*] QUEUES: go early. When we got into the park at 8am the queues were short, 5 - 20 minutes, but this did not last for long. Also run round and get as many fast pass tickets as you can (though you can only hold one each at a time). This gives you an appointment to come back to a ride later bypassing the queue. Without this we saw queues of two hours for some rides. We did see huge queues for the fast pass machines themselves, and considering you can only hold one at a time you might find you only get one per day anyway. So, go early.

[*] FOOD: take your own into the park. They discourage it I think, and there are huge airport style security checks on your way in, but they're not looking for your food or bottles of drink, only guns and bombs and extra smuggled children. There are two kinds of food in the park, basic burgers, or proper sit down buffets. Both very expensive, the burgers very limited in range (give up and go home now mr vegetarian / vegan) and the proper restaurants are quite hard to get into if it is at all busy. So take a packed lunch.

[*] WHEELCHAIR: get one if you think you might need it, you can hire one there for 15, and then if you're lucky you can get in early to some of the attractions. You're supposed to have your proper blue badge with you in order to jump the queue, but Pauline had left hers back at the range and they let us in as a priority to two of the shows.

Will be back later when I have thought of all the things...

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Mon Jun 02 2014