rilly rilly rilly busy

rilly rilly rilly busy

Lots on at work today, and got too much queued up for Monday already. Barfly are finally ditching my calendar system and getting someone new in to make something new. I will be watching this closely, though I don't think I'll be able to learn anything useful easily from this, it's to be done in ASP.

Updated (or rather downdated) my RSS to 0.92 as XML::RSS won't accept enclosures in 2.0, or at least it won't in the version installed here...

Heading off to Folkestone any minute, got some friends coming down and going to check out a new bar / restaurant... oh just got a quote by SMS of 950 quid plus vat to put scaffolding up the side of the flat! I don't think so, getting another quote now...

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Fri Nov 05 2004

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