Turd of a journey home (#221)



Seem to have spent all morning trying to get access from one machine to another, things still aren't set up right at the new hosting centre, can't FTP from this box to that box, can't SSH from B to A etc... there's no security logic or consistency to it at all, very annoying. Have also written an unsubscribing interface, so someone can help me out grooming my email lists, and done more work on the Popex referer page...

STILL, 7k on the bike this morning, and I've been asked to DJ at the Popbitch do tomorrow...
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Turd of a journey home

All the power went off on the tube, got stuck in a tunnel between Chalk Farm and Camden for forty-five minutes... all the tubes were still out until just now, apart from the Victoria Line luckily, so got back from The Phoenix OK.

I hate everything about London right now, and I'm really pissed off with myself for that, and now I'm pissed off because I hate people using the medium of the interweb to tell people they don't know who don't care how bummed they are.

Had an unproductive day at work too. Going to work from home tomorrow and write a fantastic "insert citation" and "upload image" thing to the board system, which will be handy on all projects. Except the Get Real one, the one I was quite into the idea of, which they've told us today they don't want to go ahead with yet. Hopefully we can talk them round, this system will save them a lot of time and work.
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