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Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire, UK.

This site is home to my blog, with links to all the stuff I like. It's all about me, my lovely wife Clare and our beautiful boys... Also the usual stuff, work, TV, home brew, home automation, diy electronics etc. Hmm is some of that not usual? Well I'm really into it right now. is mainly our Clarke genealogy site, set up to host the family tree info dug up by my Dad Barry Clarke, and turned into web pages by me, My page with my family links. Click on either of those names to get climbing the family tree from that point, or see the surnames, or the family tree forum... Well it took me a while but I now have our family tree data organised again, there is a page for each person in our family tree with links to their parents, children, and siblings, and some other stats. Plus it's all formatted up with microformat. I originally wrote it in php but have rewritten it in javascript now. So now to get on adding more branches to our family tree! If you'd like to traverse our family tree you can pick a person (say me or Charles Valentine Clarke or The Famous Harry Clarke) and then follow the links up and down the tree. Maybe start with Dad below:

Barry Leslie CLARKE

BORN 1 JUN 1947 3 Nettlecombe Ave, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants (51 Drayton Rd North End, Portsmouth, Hants)

Family tree chart - ancestors and descendents together, might have to scroll right a bit >> leave me feedback about it.

FATHER Ronald Leslie CLARKE 1911 - 1982

MOTHER Gertrude RAINEY 1921 - 1997



We have 76 ancestors for Barry, 68 for his father Ronald, 6 for his mother Gertrude. We can go back 15 generations to Edward Chrysnes - during the reign of Henry VIII. We have 6 descendents for Barry. We have 786 people in this family tree with 98 different surnames, including 50 called CLARKE. CLARKE is the 2nd most common name in our tree.

Barry is father to Paul Leslie CLARKE

More Clarke genealogy / CLARKE family tree info at

Made some progress now John Samways, Matilda Grant, Samuel Rainey and James Lyman so we now have a complete set of great-great-grandparents for Dad! Still more info to be had from the census and BMD records, we're adding new family occasionally. It's really exciting when you find new family, but then it's a struggle again when you feel you have exhausted all the family tree info you can find. Find us also on, though I think we've used up our free allowance there and have decided it's not worth paying them any more. New family will definitely appear on this site.

No links to royalty or unclaimed family fortunes yet, but we have tracked down some surviving branches of our family tree that we knew nothing about, and found we had relatives on the Titanic.

If you think you might have a link into our family tree, or would like to put out a request for assistance, please leave a message or drop me an email - ...

Looking for Stoke Newington or Folkestone info here? Man alive you've been coming here a long time! Best off heading to the blog or following one of the "latest posts" links below for non genealogy related content.
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Folkestone RestauRANTS

Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone, such that they are...
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I used Paul Johnson's to process the output of Sierra On-Line's genealogy software (which they don't make any more) in PERL... not sure I'm using it in the best possible way, but hey.

Plenty of genealogy software here, go for it.
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Paul Clarke's blog - I work and live in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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