We went to Maidstone in the end


We went to Maidstone in the end

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Change of plan, Maidstone rather than London. We spent a long time in the big toy shop there and came away with Spencer and Percy. I'm glad to see we would not have got them for much less on line than we paid, but the point was going to a toy shop and letting Harry choose a toy for himself. One was a treat for being such a good boy, but one was out of money he received for easter from Nanny and Bazzer, and Nan-Nan (great grandmother, my Nan).

We had a lovely lunch in Cafe Rouge, that's a really nice place. It's easy to be sniffy about chains, and I do have to have the same dish every time I go but we always have a really nice time when we go there. It's having a nice glass of wine with lunch that might be the key... I enjoyed my lunch so much (only hummus baguette and chips) that I'm making the same thing for tea in a minute.

I got my hair cut in Maidstone too, a spur of the moment decision, while I left Clare and Harry and Tommy in a cafe (another cafe). Quite pleased with the cut, pleased with the price anyway. It was a new barber shop just opened doing a special deal to attract new customers. Jacob's, on Mill Street I think, they were very nice in there.

We got Tommy a toy today too, a Firefly he seems to like it a lot.

It's been a lovely day all round, and it's a nice sunny evening here too.
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