GPIO board with terminal block for the raspberry pi


GPIO board with terminal block for the raspberry pi

This looks good and cheap too, a GPIO board for the raspberry pi for development using the GPIO (general purpose input / output) pins. So nice and easy to plug your other devices you are building in to the raspberry pi.

Maplin are also selling the slice of pi (which I have but have not assembled yet) and the humble pi prototyping board for doing arduino style hackery on your raspberry pi...

No progress with my arduino or raspberry pi over the last couple of days, there has been too much on TV! Next home development work for me will involve putting some redis caching on this blog, to try and keep it more available (I am running it on the super cheap right now, it's costing my less than a pound a month to keep it going) and then putting more functionality back into the Folkestone Gerald. I removed the calendars and listings and things from there when I moved hosts.


raspberry pi: cheap low powered computer
arduino: arduino is open source hardware prototyping, it's how I do my diy electronics
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