Back in work today


Back in work today

Did a little Arduino work last night, finally got round to using using the £1 magnetic contact I bought ages ago from toolstation. It works nicely with the Arduino so now I can report and act on a door being opened or closed. Obviously I'm just pushing the contacts together and pulling them apart on the table at the moment, messily wired into the breadboard, but it's a small step to actually fitting them to a door and running a cable. A relatively small step anyway. I've had a look into sending texts from the arduino too, so LOOK OUT The Wife, if you leave the door open again the robot butler will nag you with texts!

I'm not using the new shield to send the texts, but an api from textlocal instead. Have not actually sent one text yet but it seems a cost effective way.

No time to work on the car stereo though I have an idea for why something is not working and will fix that asap. Lots of good stuff on TV right now, eating in to my tinkering time, we quite enjoyed May Day and are enjoying Broadchurch, and Spiral still. Next stop Shetland! I love these euro (style) crime dramas. Plus we just got five series of Angel so it's time to revisit those again soon...


arduino: arduino is open source hardware prototyping, it's how I do my diy electronics
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