Lots and lots and lots of snow


Lots and lots and lots of snow

We had lots and lots of snow. I did not try to head into work today, not many people did, the roads were dangerous where they were passable at all, so I have been working from home.

From March 2013

Heard a couple of crashes on Hospital Hill while I was putting the boys to bed. Cars trying to head up the hill were giving up and sliding back down, and cars trying to drive down the hill were crashing into each other. There are a couple still there on the road right now:

From March 2013

Working from home worked really well. I've been down in the study mostly uninterrupted. Clare and Harry made some biscuits today, vegan bourbon creams, they were really good. So I was happy to be interrupted with those!

Looks like I will head back to work tomorrow.
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