Selling our Sky HD box


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Selling our Sky+ HD box

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There's no going back now! I am happy with the HUMAX Freesat HD box, so we're selling this. Just seen one go for £25 quid, so that's £25 towards the TV fund. Oh, and we need a new TV. Constantly getting "no sync signal" on our TV. I looked it up, it happens on these TVs, doesn't see like it can be fixed. It's seven years old now. I was planning on getting a new TV anyway, but not right away. So with the funds I have right now I *should* get a cheaper TV than I had ultimately planned. Not this one, oh no.

In the meantime it looks like we might have to connect via scart to get a reliable signal, but that means we lose the ability to send the signal to another room.


humax: set top box / media centre - like your sky plus, but better and free
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