Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum

Spent an exhausting day yesterday at the Natural History Museum with the nephews, first time I've been there since I can remember. They have a whole lot of dead animals there! It's reassuring that they're still not killing animals to put in jars and that. The most important bit for me - LUNCH in the canteen - was very disappointing, 3.50 for just a small plate chips and beans? I think the museum loses out by over charging here, as people are less likely to give a contribution thinking "they've had enough at the gift shop / cafe", but the cafe is probably outsourced and doesn't make money for the museum... what a mistaka-to-maka!

Went back to the Chinese I couldn't remember the name of for dinner, Haikksun (looking for Haikssun, or Haiksun?), I will avoid the Peking bean curd next time, but apart from that it's ace. Shame it's so far down Stoke Newington Church Street and I was collecting, but normally they deliver.

Covent Garden today, Artists Againts Success night tonight in Brixton and Science Museum tomorrow.
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Some links to add to popex when it's back is being moved while I'm taking a few days off, got these out of my mail that I want to put in the links section...

Why is it always kittens? Those guys at have a lot to answer for... unless there is a history of kitten rock animations before that spawned on the b3ta message board? TSK, I remember when it was all owned by EMAP round here, the first b3ta message board used the same code as this one does. It'd be MUCH BETTER if there was just one person using it as a journal, rather than the money making creative hot-bed it is now...
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