I hate myself for loving you

I hate myself for loving you

Finding myself heading int Pret every morning now, getting off the bus two stops early just to get my soya capuccino. It's a nice place, looks nice, does nice food, friendly service, I like everything about it. Except, it's owned by McDonalds isn't it? What with me hoovering up a spider, and now this, surely it's only a matter of time until I head out on a fox hunt (while it's still legal)...

Doing some SEO work for one of our companies, Stephen Budd Management, they manage record producers, they came up with the back end skills (ie a record producer, songwriters, recording engineers, and other record production) for artists like Franz Ferdinand, Dido, Jamelia and more... In their words:

What can SBM do for you? SBM can help you See some of our projects... Services for our Clients SBM coordinates projects, handles finances and negotiates work for Producers, Songwriters, Mixers, Programmers, leaving them free to focus on what they do best.

Also really enjoying some work I'm doing for The Fly, an online ad booking system. Only the system is online, not the ads, it's just for the magazine... Not touching the website yet. And loving this wireless camera, thanks again engadget.com...


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Thu Sep 09 2004

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