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Pixies Tickets

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DAMN THEM, doing a pretty obvious warm up at The Forum, and I'm missing it.

Pixies Tickets here normally.
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look ive got a question about how

these wireless routers work.

so let's assume i have an ADSL connection to my computer. I have an friend in my flat who has a computer. we want to share the ADSL connection.

so if i buy a wireless router does it work like this:

i plug modem into the phone point. plug modem into computer. wireless router attached to ethernet port in my computer. wireless router beams intermaweb to my friend. my friend picks it up on his computer with the use of one of those cards with a little aerial on it. end of story.

(or is does the wireless router connect straight into the phone socket and i dont need an modem?)

in other news, i'll be going to the fruitstock thing this weekend...i should have thought it would be right up your street!
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Are you joshing me?

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You need the piece of kit that I just bought by accident, want to buy it off me? Box and receipts and all that here, but Amazon won't take it back as the box has been opened. You plug this into the wall socket, then your computers connect to that. This one has a built in ADSL modem, that's why it was more expensive than the new one that arrived today, which has no modem built in, I'll be plugging my new router into my existing cable modem.
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i see

so let me get this right. the one you bought by accident has a modem built in. but (like me) you already have a modem and all you want is the wireless router right?

and im confused about how your wireless router works...does that get inserted between modem and computer or does it just come out of a pc port? i think i would want this as i want to be wired and i dont want to buy another wireless card. what do you think?

and surely amazon will take it back? is the box mashed up?
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A wireless how-to

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The box is a bit ripped... If there was owt wrong with it they would take it back (maybe I should give it a whack..?) but they say if there's nothing up with it and the shrinkwrap is off, then no go. It was my mistake, so fair enough.

Yes, like you I already have a modem and all you needed was the wireless router right.

You're right about how the wireless router works (though I didn't know all this before I plugged it all in just now) - you pull out the cable that goes between your computer and your modem at the moment, there's another one of those provided, and the router goes between the two... the router then seemingly has space for another 3 PC's to be plugged in, and also it's got the wireless capabilities too...

Sounds to me like you want either the new one I am using now (which I am not selling), or just a regular router - do you have any wireless devices then? I guess the normal way to do it with two computers is plug one in directly, and get a wireless card for the second one, so it can be in another room, no cables trailing... That's what I have, in my case the second on is the pocket pc.

Anyway, as you can see, I am online now, with the new router, but not tried the wireless bits of it yet, so speak next week...
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