The final countdown

The final countdown

Not sure why my weekly chart that I'm getting from the api is not the same as the chart showing on my page right now (Smiths, Pixies, Cure, Suede, Beatles, Joy Division, Beach Boys, Eagles, Pulp, Blur) - must be because that chart is only updated once a week and this chart is a rolling seven days or something. Anyway, not really that interesting. Not as interesting as the fact that tomorrow is Stewart Lee day, which means a trip up to London and a trip to the pub for the first time this month! A first time drinking in a pub this month anyway, not counting sat at the quiz with one orange juice all evening. Looking forward to it, but also it will be a shame to be back off the wagon again. I think I have lost my christmas belly, but Clare is not so sure I have. Should have weighed and measured myself at the beginning of the month.

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Fri Jan 27 2012

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