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Keira Knightly update

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Keira Knightley is not just a pretty face and a flat chest, she has things to say! In the latest issue of Vanity Fair she says:

* She rarely gets asked on dates
* She thinks she disappoints people by not being pretty enough
* She doesn't know much about pop music
* She keeps her career expectations in check

Well praise be to allah for all that!
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she butiful

keira knightly is a very pretty talented young actress and shes only just and is already big even though shes about 20......oh yh id just like to say

im west ham till i die
im west ham till i die
i no i am im sure i am
im west ham till i die
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kiera is beatuful and i would ask her on a date

kiera is beatuful and i would ask her on a date
25 Jul Comment / reply

Keira Knightley

ah, i love keira knightley. (not in a lesbian sort of way) She's the prettiest girl in the whole worl! how could she not think she's perfect?
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RE: Keira Knightly update

Oops! in the first sentence of my rant, I meant to say "doesn't think she's great-looking." Sorry.
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RE: Keira Knightly update

I think Keira Knightly is one of the most hottest actresses in the world. If I had a chance with her I would be the happiest person in the world. She is so hot it doesnt matter what the stupid idiots in Hollywood think at all she is gorgeous.
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RE: Keira Knightly update

In all honesty, part of me isn't all that suprised she does think she's great looking. Look at the way the general public thinks "beauty" is: huge tits and a small brain. I think Keira is the fucking BEST looking person in the world and if anyone says anything different about that, provided they wake up at all by the time I'm finished with them,they won't know who the hell they are, much less who the hottest person on Eart (Keira Knightley) is. If I ever find out that some asshole was the one to tell Keira that she's not pretty, I will hunt them down, kill them and if the police ever find any body parts, they will be so shredded and mutilated that no-one on earth will know who it once was. I'm shocked that she doesn't get asked out very much, but part of me thinks it's because she so good looking, smart and a movie star. Most people would feel a little awkward about dating a movie star when you're nothing at all compared to her.
If I ever had the chance, I'd ask her out, and if anything did start between us, I would assure you that she would know she's beautiful and loved.
There, that's my little rant.
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RE: Keira Knightly update

Your a bit of a Knob Jokey arnt you
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RE: Keira Knightly update

meh.. shes not as hot as PAC (thats polly ann coleman) , man now SHE was hot.. if you dont know who she is then thats ok since shes not famous or anything. just a girl i used to be crazy about.. (used to?) anyways kiera knightly, she may not be anyones cup of tea, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but... anyone can see she has a wonderful soul.
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RE: Keira Knightly update

Dude you are right the actresses in Hollywood we have arn't half is hot as Keira Knightly
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RE: Keira Knightly update

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From Amy

i think keira knightly has the same personality looks and voice in every film which really annoys me but strangely enough i love every film shes in
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Keira Knightly in "The Hole"

the hole
Every time someone comes here searching for Keira Knightly it costs me money, so please support my sponsors... if you buy The Hole on DVD starring a 16 year old Keira for only 5.99, then I'll earn about 20p, which is enough for me to serve another 10 megs of pages like this. Go on. A lot of search results have come through suggesting she might be naked on that DVD, I don't know if that's true, but it is a cert 18.

If you're just a fan of her delightly English rose-ness then I thoroughly recommend Pirates of the Carribean. She's also in Bend it like Beckham, King Arthur, Doctor Zhivago and Love Actually...
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she is really pretty but...

her eyebrows really annoy me!!! i think she should pluck them... i totally think she is a gr8 looking girl and if i met her id b pretty speechless! i think she's a gd actress aswell! i aint gonna say i love her though! like a lot of u other people! how can u love her? u not met her, apart from that 1 person hoo now claims she wud die for her and is her best m8! (dream on hunnie) but yeh i like her and i enjoy her movies
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I am hopelessly in love with keira knightly she's sexy in all the right ways she's is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and if i ever meet her i would tell her that!
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I think keira is the most beautiful person in the world.And she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. When I met her at the King Arthur world premiere after-party, she came up to me with a huge smile on her face and she was the sweetest, kindest person I've ever met. we had a nice conversation, but I was so shocked I could hardly say anything, so I just listened to her talk, which was lovely. I love her SOOO much (not in a lesbo way) and I would die for her because she is my best friend.
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RE: Keira

you are full of it
25 Jan Comment / reply

Oh my God

I can not belive you met Keira, if i met her i eckon i'd be specless 2 she is so bloody perfect and i love her accent its Hot 2 trot Mmm Keira. Rock on Girl
21 Jul Comment / reply

I can't believe they met her once

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and now she's their best friend, who they would die for... seriously, you need help.
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RE: Keira Knightly update

i love kiera knightley
she is fucking perfect
i dont know why she would ever think she's not gorgeous but damn, i'm in love with that woman
-and those things she said make her even more sexy...not some stupid bimbo who's full of herself(like 90% of the other young actresses).

...yeah, fantasyland... it's a place i like to go sometimes...

"his thoughts like a hundred moths
trapped in a lampshade
their wings banging and burning
on through the endless night
forever awake he lies shaking and starving
praying for someone to turn off the light"
-rage against the machine
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RE: Keira Knightly update

I have no idea why keira is'nt happy with the way she looks cause she is without a doubt the best looking actress in hollywood and she is'nt even stuck up like the rest of them. I can't believe she's only 18 and she hardly gets asked out!!! I'm 17 this year and I know if I got the slightest oppurtunity I would jump at the chance to ask Keira out
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