Post holiday blues. And reds


Post holiday blues. And reds

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Man alive it is hot today. Very disappointed to get back to the UK yesterday and find it almost as hot here as it was in Hersonnisos, but pleased to find that it's not been this nice all week... Work email account has retrieved 7000 so far and still climbing fast, and I had to reboot popex. Most alarming of all everyone seems to be wearing matching clothes in the office. I have followed the rule of not wearing a white shirt on the first day back from a holiday (not that I am tanned), but my choice of red t-shirt is replicated all over the show, we look like a boy band.

Got my River Cottage, Jeeves and Wooster and Red Dwarf DVD's, and my new headphones so the day is not a dead loss... full holiday review to follow. Ooh, and as well as lots of engagement cards waiting for us on the mat, got six pixies tickets too! We're going on the Wednesday and the Friday, and not the Saturday as I've been telling everyone, hope this doesn't cause any problems.

Lots of searches for Quentin Hann, what's he been up to now? Not caught up with much news, but pleased in an evil kind of way to hear Piers Morgan and Sadie Frost have both been canned.
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