Good weekend at Mum and Dad's


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Good weekend at Mum and Dad's

it of a crappy drive down on Saturday, everyone in the world was on the road so everywhere that could be busy was busy. Harry was brilliant though, partly because he slept most of the way down. We stopped briefly for the loo at the Devil's Punchbowl but pushed on to have lunch at our destination.

After catching up and seeing Harry spoiled with a tonne of presents, we took a half walk in to Fareham (drove as far as the Delme and walked the rest of the way to avoid parking costs). Dry but pretty windy, which made it all seem quite tiring. Fareham was pretty quiet, lots of places seem to have closed down. Still means more room for charity shops. We bought some books (Susannah Gregory, Philippa Gregory and Colin Bateman) and mum bought a yeehah fringed cowboy shirt for a western themed fancy dress night. Stopped in Sainsbury's to get some chuck in the oven dinner, very disappointed to find no instant curry things left that I could eat, I think they've stopped doing them. So just bought a few odds and ends, and topped this up with some good takeaway from Nahid'z in Portchester. And that was our Saturday night in sorted!

All the fresh air from the windy walk meant Harry slept like a log again, good boy.
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