Lightening the load for the move on Friday


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Lightening the load for the move on Friday

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Opened a couple of good bottles of wine, so as to make the move go slightly easier... Two bottles, on a Wednesday night? Are you mad? Ah, but, I have tomorrow off for one thing, and we are only opening them both, not drinking them all, saving some of each for tomorrow to see if they improve with a bit of breathing. We have opened the [vino]E Guigal Cotes du Rhone[/vino] which I have been saving for ages and the [vino]Chapel Down[/vino] which I got for this birthday.

Watching lots of history on TV. Why has no-one told Robert Bartlett you don't say "known" like that?

Still reading Stewart Lee's book, wish I was at Stewbilee tonight in Edinburgh, Richard Herring was.

Got a full day of last minute packing tomorrow, while trying to entertain Harry. He is just great at entertaining me, his latest trick is saying "no" a lot which is still really cute.
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