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Our flat smells delicious

Have binned lots of out of date spices, currytastic...

Still packing, went through the food cupboards today and have slung loads of out of date spices. Shaking the contents in to the bin to recycle the jars has made a fantastic smell. It's not often the bin smells appetising but it really does.

I have been for another viewing of the new house, some last minute measuring. Yet again I had been worrying about the size of it. The rooms in the flat here are so big and we just take them for granted, now we have stripped everything out and taken the pictures of the walls the flat is looking great. It's not even as in need of decoration as I thought. I would move in here, my buyer, you are getting a bargain! The new house is fine though. I had been imagining the study[sup]*[/sup] in particular to be a mini cupboard; will I be able to fit the storage unit and the desk in there? If I can will I be able to open the cupboard door while I am sat at the desk? Checking in again today I have no worries, the room is a good size, big enough to fit a bed in there too possibly, a sofa bed definitely. This makes the house practically four bedrooms, we've added value already!

I had some post at the house already too, as I have sorted insurance and things already. Go me! Still lots more address changing to do.

I asked the estate agent if she had heard about Gary Glitter moving in to the area, yes she had heard that day, he's moved into a house near Waitrose. I don't believe this one, all the other rumours are based around [gmap=hospital hill, hythe]Seabrook / Hospital Hill[/gmap], a a local free sheet has it as being a development whose access comes out opposite the primary school (though they don't mention it by name and don't have it in their website), it could be the estate that our new house is on.

UPDATE: Now it is on yourshepway.co.uk.

You have to weigh these things up, on balance I would like a legendary glam rocker living nearby, even if they were a convicted sex offender. My biggest worry would be our house being mistaken for his, and burned to the ground by an angry mob.

I'm meant to be finishing the packing of the bedroom, Clare is going to be furious when she gets in.

[small][sup]*[/sup]There is no study, it is a windowless storage room on the ground floor.[/small]
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What ever happened to Popex, why did it cease to exist? Do you think it will ever return?
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Popex was shut down by Channelfly

Channelfly (now MAMA Group, part of HMV) bought PopEx and I ran it for them for five years or so, but eventually closed it down as it didn't make any money. They still own the rights (so HMV do now) but I do not imagine they would start it up again. I think about trying to start a new game every so often (and people are always asking) but I really don't have the time, and don't think I'd get lucky again like I did with PopEx. They were great times, but I don't think you can go back...
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