Lovely birthday


Lovely birthday

Will probably be spending our birthday money on a new fridge...

We went to Zizzi in the end for lunch, Canterbury was heaving with people. Partly the schools being off, partly it being high tourist season. Did a bit of shopping and stopped for coffee too. Bought more wine in the Goods Shed even though I got quite a lot as presents. Had a look in Karl's Good Food, but you were right Dom they don't have a lot of wine on the shelves right now.

Harry slept very well, after a couple of nights of disturbed sleep, good boy.

Our fridge has gone on the blink again, that is bad. The company that came out to repair it last time (but did not actually do anything because it mysteriously started working when they got here) are coming back again on Friday. Looks like we're going to need a new one.
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