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John Samways

Hi, thought I'd leave you a message re your family's link with John Samways. Do you have any information regarding where the Samways family at all. Not sure if I can link them into my family. Appreciate it. - Jonathan Samways, Poole, Dorset
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RE: John Samways

Hi Jonathan,

Our John Samways was born in 1851 in Fareham, Hants his wife was Matilda Grant born c1853 in Winterton Stoke, Wiltshire. Their children were Fanny Alice, Laura, Fred, and Amy. All born in Fareham. Thats all I have on Samways, although I am in touch with a lady who thinks that John had brothers William b 1844, Thomas b1845, George, Henry, David and sisters Marianne, Elizabeth, Sarah and Eliza.
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