A night out in Ashford

A night out in Ashford

Went Mark's party in Ashford last night, but did not quite make it...

In work early to do a potentially disruptive database change, so left early to make up. Home, changed, The boy dropped off with the in-laws and we're away on a rare night out. To Pizza Express first for a nice dinner. Parked the car right outside, so no booze yet, then off to find this party at Ashford Bowling Green. I thought I knew where it was, next to the train station on [gmap=beaver road, ashford, kent]Beaver Road[/gmap], but could we find it? Beaver Road is relatively easy to find (once you take away me not knowing Ashford and it being a bit of a shit to drive round because of all the traffic lights and so on), it runs off Station Road, but then there's a problem. We drive into it from the station end and there are bollards right in the middle of the road! A taxi pulled up, they must have a DART type thing that controls the barrier and he was let through. Should have been quicker and just ducked in after him, but didn't quite make it. Asked for directions in the garage there, and he confirmed, if it wasn't for the road being blocked we'd be right there, but as it is you have to drive right the way round the ringroad type thing and in the other end. Figured that out, and thought we'd found it but it turned out to be another social club, so went back for another look. Eventually asked, and people there gave us directions back to the club we wanted, at the other end of Beaver Road. Tried going down the road again but couldn't find it before the barrier so assumed we just must have missed it first and second time. So back round again for another scout around, thought we had it, but it's another place called the railway social club. Eventually we gave up and came home :-(

We can see it on a satellite view, but I'm still unclear as to how you get in...

Sorry this is such a boring post.

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Sat Sep 12 2009

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