150 miles on skateboards for alzheimers

150 miles on skateboards for alzheimers

From the 4th - 7th of September, your 2 favourite front end web developers, Gav and Mark will be attempting to skate from Brighton back home to Canterbury round the coast. This journey covers over 150 miles and is intended to raise money for the Alzheimer's society. While you think of their poor blistered feet and aching legs, take 2 minutes to donate some money to their cause: justgiving.com/WrongWayHome

We're currently up to 58% of target, but it's not enough! We need more donations!

Take a peek at our website, say hi on the facebook page and most importantly... DONATE.


Cheers all! Gav

ps. We would like to thank Holiday Extras for being 100% supportive of this trip and really giving us the push to get organised and GO!

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Mon Aug 10 2009

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