Toilet troubles


Toilet troubles

Water off, plumber on the way, it MUST be a bank holiday...

Bah, it must be a bank holiday, all our water is off and we had to stay away from home last night :-(

Our toilet flush has been getting more and more tricksy, so flushed with the success of doing electrics I bought a new syphon and tried to replace it. We have a "closed couple" cystern though, quite old and one of the bolts holding it in place has rusted through so now I am STUCK! There's also water trickling into the systern still even though the water is off so I am worried I'll do the wrong thing and water will fountain everywhere any minute. SO, arranged a plumber for today and we stayed out right the inlaws last night. Might get the plumber to have a look at the heating while he's here, see what needs replacing... Could be an expensive bank holiday!

Clare has volunteered me for a day of gardening today, then we're off for a look at the birthing centre at Buckland later today. It's going to be a lot nicer than giving birth in hospital apparently.

Kingsize Habitat Radius bed starting at 1.99, collect from Battersea, plus two matching Habitat Radis bedside tables. We need a new bed, hmm, maybe...
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