December newsletter from the George in Rye


December newsletter from the George in Rye

The George
Sounds great!

We're looking forward to welcoming many of you to The George in Rye at Christmas time. If you're not staying but would like to come to Rye over the festive season, do pop in for a drink. Rye is great for last-minute Christmas shopping - it's small and offers a quirky alternative to the usual high-street options. From the beautiful perfume bottles and decanters in Glass Etc (recently featured in the Evening Standard) to Juel's collection of modern glass jewellery and artisinal perfumes, there are lots of interesting present ideas. Ask us if you would like recommendations of the best antiques shops, too. There are lots of them!

In the new year we are introducing a Chocolate Upgrade which will transform your visit to The George into a cocoa-induced paradise. The upgrade begins with an Milk Way cocktail (made with chocolate liqueur). A box of Rococco chocolate truffles will be waiting for you in your room, while the bathroom with will be stocked with cult beauty brand Bella Lucce's Chocolate Silk Bath Bubbles and Peruvian Chocolate Moisurising Creme. We suggest calling down for your cocktail, running the bath and taking drink and chocolates in with you! The experience finishes with a bang: a three courses chocolate-themed dinner in the dining room. If you'd like to head for chocolate heaven, the upgrade is 50 per person and you can find out more here.

If you want to go the whole hog, one of the world's best chocolate makers, Artisan du Chocolate, are nearby at Ashford, and run tutored tasting events every month. Their chocolates are wonderful, and many of them very unusual: banana and thyme, black cardamom, sun dried lime, chestnut tree honey or even tobacco. The tastings are 35 per person, and you can book here.

If you've ever watched Cash in the Attic (are we revealing how sad we are?!) and wondered whether you might have anything in your loft worth a mint, pop in to The George from 10am-4pm on Monday 12th January, antiques expert Clive Attrell who you might recognise from 'Dickenson's Real Deals', will be holding court in the bar and inviting you to bring in your bric a brac, which he'll value and possibly make a cash offer.

Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year from all of us at The George in Rye

Alex and Katie
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The George
Interesting to see this newsletter, because I stayed at the George over Christmas and was very dissatisfied. Lots of broken promises, disappointing food and, sadly, no sense of occasion. I wrote to Alex and Katie after the event (they weren't present at Christmas) but didn't even get the courtesy of an acknowledgment - they just passed my letter on to the manager. He accepted many of my criticisms but offered nothing other than assurances that they will consider them for future events. They seem to be strong on marketing but weak on performance.
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