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Some old photos of Folkestone

I bought an album of photos not so long ago and these photos of [gmap]Wear Bay Road[/gmap] and Folkestone were included in it. I thought you might like to see them and possibly pass on the the ones of Wear Bay Road to any residents of houses featured. I don't know who was living there at the time. Anything you could tell me about the photos would be appreciated.
Yours sincerely David Wichbold

Anything you can tell me about these photos, please do and I'll forward your comments back to David.





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RE: Some old photos of Folkestone

Wonderful pics David. Love the sheep wandering around! The "then and now" website is the best place regarding old photos of Folkestone
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The Pavilion Hotel

Am I right that The Pavilion Hotel was on the spot where the Burstin is now?
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