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Some old photos of Folkestone

[quote]I bought an album of photos not so long ago and these photos of [gmap]Wear Bay Road[/gmap] and Folkestone were included in it. I thought you might like to see them and possibly pass on the the ones of Wear Bay Road to any residents of houses featured. I don't know who was living there at the time. Anything you could tell me about the photos would be appreciated.
Yours sincerely David Wichbold[/quote]

Anything you can tell me about these photos, [reply]please do[/reply] and I'll forward your comments back to David.





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RE: Some old photos of Folkestone

Wonderful pics David. Love the sheep wandering around! The "then and now" website is the best place regarding old photos of Folkestone
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The Pavilion Hotel

Am I right that The Pavilion Hotel was on the spot where the Burstin is now?
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