Pixies and Cure playing together!


Pixies and Cure playing together!

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The MOVE festival in Manchester has just gone on sale now, and Downtown Money Waster (update it you lazy get) told me last night at Goldie Lookin' Chain that the Pixies are supporting the Stereophonics there... can this be right? It's insane! Hmm, I just said all this on popex... Anyway, just got this ticket update and it looks like The Cure are playing too! Maybe they're the same day, will dig out more details...

Move - 4 Day Ticket
Madness (Thu 8 Jul)
The Cure (Fri 9 Jul)
Stereophonics (Sat 10 Jul)
Morrissey (Sun 11 Jul)

We went to the same venue / festival for David Bowie the year before last, got to track down the details of the hotel, I remember either that we said we WOULD stay there again, or that'd we'd NEVER stay there again. Definitely one of the too.

Goldie Lookin' Chain were good last night, great sound and a hugely swolen crowd of braying media hangers on. 瞿3.10 for a can of cider though, not so good, I am not keen on that venue. Got some pictures, but they're all rubbish.

Had an idea about the shower this morning, I noticed the little metal inspection cover in the front garden had been opened, so maybe someone's turned the water off? Why has it only affected the shower though?
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RE: Pixies and Cure playing together!

It's updated now, I have some snaps up, although they're equally bad. More here.

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