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Poor Jimmy Godden

I do feel sorry for Jimmy Godden as it appears that anything he owns seems to catch fire.
I mean it's wasn't so long ago that some b****** set fire to another property that he owned (Mr B's Arcade on Margate seafront), burning it to the ground. Then there was the fire at Rotunda amusement park in Folkestone which was another one of his places. Oh and before then another seafront arcade that he kindly bought to renovate in Ramsgate was burnt to the ground by some evil scumbag... now how's that for luck?

I just hope our wonderful ladies and gentlemen up at Margate Police Station will soon catch the brainless moron who seems to have something against Mr Jimmy Godden.
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RE: Poor Jimmy Godden

don't forget the JCB which accidentally backed into the Ark Cafe. Poor man ..just one thing after nother

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RE: Poor Jimmy Godden

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RE: Poor Jimmy Godden

I am so pleased that someone is concerned about Mr Godden's spate of bad luck, I am sure that Jimmy will appreciate this community spirit - after all Mr Godden has always had the towns' best interests at heart. It is good to know that there is one developer who does not behave in a shabhy, corrupting, self-interested manner. There has been so much of that in the past, especially in Folkestone, where corrupt local politicians and greedy developers have scarred our landscape with money-making monstosities ie., Queens house replaced the Beautiful Queen's Hotel, The lovely Royal Pavillion Hotel, knocked down to erect The ugly Burstin. These beautiful Victorian buildings were a heritage of the town - our heritage! - now they have been wiped off the landscape forever.
Our latest 'White elephant' - The Bouverie Road Shopping centre, will, in time, become another eyesore, as it fails, to make the profit envisaged by its schemers.

Two things we must concern ourselves with in the future - stop all demolition of lovely buildings in the town - and make sure that Richard de Haan comliments the town with his seafront scheme - what is built now, will be the attractions of the future, or, another nail in the coffin of the prosperity of Folkestone.

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RE: Poor Jimmy Godden

With his (alleged) ill gotten gains gained through ‘fiery speculation’ on the Kent coast he bought a celebrated Robert Adam mansion near Ashford after its owner Baron, Lord Brabourne chucked an incumbent leasing children’s home out of it. The illustrious lord refused a further lease to the children’s home when it came up for renewal. The noble lord, presumably, wanted to make extra dosh pronto with its fabulous sale. Jimmy Godden snapped the aristocratic pile up for a cool £3million+. The children’s home was forced to up-sticks c.2002. They trundled into a woebegone annex nearby where they thrive, unfortunately, without the grand inspiring surroundings of a Capability Brown that they used to enjoy. Nevertheless, one understands they are reasonably enthused with a more modern, ethical disparate housing structure designed, not unlike an old people’s home for the young.
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Do you mean Roger De Haan?

Nice points though. I don't remember the Queens Hotel or the Pavillion, but I'm aware lovely old buildings have been lost.

I'm actually quite keen on the Burstin.
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