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Done my Javascript referer thing

See my landing page thing in action like so:

Google for Paul Clarke CV

Click on the Paul Clarke CV link in the google results

Wait for the very exciting floating window to appear on the results saying "I see you came here from a search result (for Paul Clarke)" etc, it should have links to more relevant things.

Only tested it in Firefox and MSIE so far as that's all I have here. Also had to cripple it if the resulting page is already a search result as it was hammering the server too hard. Source code is here in case you're interested, should work as is, might need a bit of tidying up...

UPDATE: Test this in one click here, and rewritten it in PHP so it shouldn't put too much load on the server...

UPDATE UPDATE: probably broken it again :-(


javascript: a major programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living
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protect creative rights! and some!

Be a friend-protect Folkestone and its inhabitants/environment/history/& heritage/ www.myspace.com/spidersnetwork:-) S.P.I.D.E.R. (Supporting.Promoting.Independance.Disabilities.Enterprise. & Rehabilitation)
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To Claire

We are renting out the cottages at Lympne Castle Cottages

rod@lympnecastle cottages.com
01303 267571
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Open Source Technology

Even though you are not actively in the market for a new position, your site prompted me to contact you nonetheless.
I have been retained by a fortune 500 firm in NYC to identify "open source talent"
I am currently searching for 4 Sr Perl developers to work on their CMS. The backend is Linux and MySql.
I am also searching a an experienced MySql DBA (this is a tough one)

These folks strive to write clean object-oriented code and make judicious use of CPAN. They are open source friendly, both in terms of using and contributing to open source.

Please feel free to call me. I have been doing this a long time and am always planting seeds today and reaping the rewards (bi-lateral) tomorrow.
If you can help me I also pay referral fees.
Happy New Year
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Thanks but I am a bit busy at the moment

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Please Help Music Concert at a Church in Folkestone at 11am on 8th December BUT which Church Need to get there but have no info
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not a church goer myself

but these events tend to either be the one nearest to [gmap=folkestone central station]Folkestone Central[/gmap] train station, or at [gmap=folkestone the bayle]St Eanswythes[/gmap], which is in The Bayle, follow the links to look it up...

Maybe it's on the homepage.
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The telephone number you list for "Wild for Coffee" is incorrect.
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thanks, any idea of the correct number?

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my name is Alex Clarkson and I live on the north coast of Durban South Africa.
It is Sunday the 13th of May, Mothers Day over here,
I have just watched Ramsey's programe about your Hotel and was so impressed at what you have done.
I wish you all the very best for the future and when I am over in the UK in September I will come and have dinner. I wish I was having my Mothers day lunch with you today.


Alex Clarkson.
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Hi There!
Tim Bryan (me) ex-folkestonian...
I heard that there is a memorial site in tontine street that used to be a pub, got bombed in wwII??
Apparently there's a plaque on this site.
Is it the little triangle at the end where the road splits?? (heading uphill from the amusements, etc.)
I would love to know the answer to that if you can tell me more,
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Tontine Street war memorial (for Tim Bryan)

heard that there is a memorial site in tontine street that used to be a pub, got bombed in wwII?? Apparently there's a plaque on this site. Is it the little triangle at the end where the road splits?? (heading uphill from the amusements, etc.)[/quote]

At long last, a response to your post, though I doubt you'll be back to check now, sorry for the delay... I went down to the market at Folkestone Harbour today and had a look for the plaque:


This shelter was erected in a shopping and residential area destroyed by bombing and shelling during the second world war 1939-45. The cost was met by a gift from the lord mayor of London's air raid distress fund and from sums given during the war by the peoople of New Zealand and local residents”"
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I'll have a look

There's a great book on the history of Folkestone pubs [abe]Tales From The Tap Room[/abe] (or try ebay), but I'll go down there and have a look... Tontine Street is all redeveloped now, The Creative Foundation are buying the whole lot up.
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Paul Clarke's blog - I work and live in Seabrook near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

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