10 myths about vegans


10 myths about vegans

bboheme.com (who I once bought some shoes from) emailed me today to tell me it's world vegan day and to share with me an advert for their shoes and things, cunningly wrapped in a "10 Myths about Vegans" list. They know bloggers love lists like free London papers like made up opinion polls, and will republish them at every opportunity, so here goes:

1. Vegans are the pale anemic bunch

No way Jose! Get yourself a bucket of cold water before you click into Vegan bodybuilders. Olympic champion Carl Lewis, gorgeous Alicia Silverstone and hot Joaquin Phoenix are amongst famous vegan hotties. You may find the list of vegan celebs at goveg.com.

2. If you want to know what’s in fashion, don’t bother asking a vegan

The best fashion accessory for Vegans is the one matching their beliefs. The mainstream has now caught on that "Green is the new Black" and compassion in fashion is in vogue. Stella McCartney is one among many designers who refuses to use fur or leather in any of her pret-a-porter collections.

3. Vegans are Fruit loops

There may be a few fruit loops amongst them but there are a few rather brilliant minds too. Mr Janez Drnovsek, president of Slovenia, is vegan, and just to name few revered veggie brains - Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci. Maybe tofu is the next brain food …

4. Vegans live on rabbit food

Vegans love their rabbit food but they also love to tantilise their taste buds with scrumptious cuisines from around the world. Does the sound of Brazil Nut Choc Temptation sound too good to be vegan? Go to www.veginity.com for this recipe and more. For delectable ice cream, try B'Nice Rice Cream.

5. Vegan = Stylish footwear = Oxymoron ….. not any more!

Happy Vegan feet can now step out in style with stores like Bourgeois Boheme, bboheme.com. Footwear and accessories for both men and women are ethically sourced from around the world. Look out for the new collection under their own label coming out in the vegan month of November.

6. Vegans love animals more than people

The furry, scaly and warty ones are their passion but high on their priorities too is the welfare of their fellow 2-legged Homo sapiens variety too. Wherever possible, vegans look out for fair trade produce; see The Fair Trade Foundation for further information.

7. Vegans will not rest until they convert the entire world into Vegans

They would love everyone to be vegan of course but they do understand that this is the real world. Another way around is to set up a little country of vegans! One group hopes to purchase an island to establish their very own vegan island community.

8. Vegans are all crazy animal rights activists

There are many passive ways to be the voice for animals and to have fun at the same time. One such "cheeky" way is getting for them to get their gear off and run nude along the streets of Pamplona. Intrigued? Go to PETA's (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals) runningofthenudes.com for more details.

9. Vegans are tree huggers

Indeed they are and they love hugging lots of other things too! Actually, veganism and environmentalism go hand in hand. Did you know that farmed animals, cow’s flatulence for one, produce more greenhouse gas emissions (18%) than the world’s entire transport system (13.5%)? Go to the Vegan Society for further interesting facts.

10. Vegans have a chip on their shoulders

"Let’s say you were stranded on a deserted island and your only food source was a turtle, would you eat it..?"

Vegans are bombarded with such absurd scenarios everyday; it’s not surprising that they may snap back! If you really want to know what vegetarian ethics is about go to Vegetarians International Voice for Animals website.

So there you go, that's what all vegans think and what all vegans are like and that's A FACT!

(Also, just for the record, as it has been proved above that all vegans are high achieving and intelligent and attractive, don't even think about coming back at me with "Hitler was a vegetarian", no he wasn't)
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RE: 10 myths about vegans

Bah, more self-righteous chat from the Vegans."Oh, look at us, we are all kind to the animals as well as healthy and fashionable really – and some famous and fashionable people are Vegans too you know. We are so misunderstood". As far as I'm concerned, they can eat whatever they want just don't tell me about it. I'll eat whatever I can find in the M&S freezer section.

As for Hitler, "According to stenographic transcripts translated by Hugh Trevor-Roper of conversations between Hitler and his inner circle which took place between July 1941 and November 1944, Hitler regarded himself as a vegetarian." I bet he also regarded himself as quite a nice guy.

I went out with a vegetarian once, it wasn't good. Does it show?
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vegetarians are scum!

2 Nov Comment / reply

RE: vegetarians are scum!

Blimey, there's no need for that sort of thing. Each to their own was what I was advocating. Or, if you like, people are scum, some of those people don't eat meat.

Is that a happy compromise?
2 Nov Comment / reply

I don't even know why I said it, a bit of Friday afternoon frivolity is all

Some of my best family are vegetarians, and I've been vegan for about fifteen years now, that's why I posted that original thing. You're right though, most people are scum.

Got plans for the weekend? I'm out in Trashford tonight with people from work, then got a family bonfire type thing tomorrow. I tried to tell people at work it was at my wife's aunt's place, but instead said my aunt's wife's place. Can you imagine the hilarity that ensued!

Got a bit of a headache now, I think it's because I've not had a drink yet today.
2 Nov Comment / reply

RE: I don't even know why I said it, a bit of Friday afternoon frivolity is all

I did have plans for the weekend, mostly involving getting my hair cut and drinking (in that order).

I'm pleased to tell you that the plan was a great success. Plus the usualy Halloween frivolities, I'm still trying to recover - I think I lost a day somewhere but I'm not sure.
6 Nov Comment / reply

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