xml namespaces in jquery

xml namespaces in jquery

How do I access xml tags in other namespaces using jquery? If I have some xml like: [code] hey yeah woo [/code] I can easily get any of the elements with something like [code]$('thing')[/code] but how do I get them if the elements are namespaced, like

[code] stuff:thinghey stuff:thingyeah stuff:thingwoo [/code]

I'm simplifying a bit there, but I can't find any info online about how to get this out again; I can't access my elements with


because that means a stuff tag of type thing...

What am I missing? Do you know what I'm on about? Do you care?

jquery is a brilliant javascript library that I use for everything at work (though I haven't really brought this site up to date with much of it), but I'm struggling to use it to process some gecoded rss like the geo:lat and geo:long in here...

I could really do with knowing this for a fairly funky work project, but equally I could do with not thinking about this on a Friday night...

UPDATE: Just ignore the namespace and get it like this: [code]$('lat, long', xml ).each( function () { $('#debug').append( '

' + this.nodeName + '=' + $(this).text() + '

' ); } );[/code]

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