Never mind Belle-de-jour

Never mind Belle-de-jour

Metro today has an interview with and picture of Major James Buffy-Maun, the London media set are going fictional character crazy at the moment. It would be wrong to suggest all the letters in Metro are made up, I believe the majority of people really are dumb enough to write to a newspaper seeking an answer to something they could find, mostly they just want the attention I suppose, or think they're being clever with their "Could Doctor Who beat Spiderman in a fight?" bollocks. I've had several letters published there, under different pseudonyms, mostly I wrote in using the name of an old letting agent who pissed me off.

So what's up with this place then, only 99k for a spacious ground floor flat with 2 beds, garden, central heating and a garage! Still no news on our flat yet, c'mon the flat...

Also, gig updates, looks like the Pixies are playing the V Festival, and so is Justin Timberlake, more news / rumour / speculation on I suspect.

Hmm, I wanted to say "nom de plumes" up there, but not sure how to spell it, or pluralise it.

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Tue Mar 16 2004

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