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Interactive map of Folkestone

Check out this interactive map of Folkestone - just drag to redraw the Folkestone map according to your requirements, ie find pubs with real ale and a pool table etc.

Also, now add it to your map .

If you're looking for a printable map of Folkestone, I'd go direct to this map.

If there's a venue you know of that's missing you could add it yourself, or post the details here. If there's a venue with incorrect info (not all the fields are filled in for the venues I don't know right now), please post corrections up here. Likewise, if there's a new feature you'd like added (or you can make me some tasty icons), post here too! Cheers!

Click on a "push pin" in the map below for popup details and pictures.

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RE: Interactive map of Folkestone

I'd really love you to add Don Giovannis of bouverie rd west to your map. We have had some amazing meals there and I would love more people to know about it!!
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Giovanni's is there

see here...
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RE: Interactive map of Folkestone

I was really impressed with your interactive map and they way in which you managed to get it to filter. How easy is it to do something like that and doesn't google complain?!
I am actually interested in doing something similar for my site. I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions...

How is the data inputed for the filtering?
Is it done through google (i.e. are the properties able to be found doing the right google map search)?
Is the filtering information easy to maintain on mass? For example, if half of those properties were sold, how long would it take to update the map?

I would love to hear how you did it!
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I'm not filtering google's own "local" info

I have my own database of bars and restaurants and things, and an xml interface to it, see:

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RE: Interactive map of Folkestone

Thank you for puting out such an amazing site!
I myself am going to make a google map API with information about the bars and pubs around our conference venue. I have no experience in javascript, but I managed to put on markers and their info windows. However, I have trouble making a sidebar with the names of the bars and pubs. Is there a simple code with only the essentials of making a sidebar that I could use as a reference to learn this quickly?
Thank you very much!


javascript: a major programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living
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I found the sidebar stuff quite tricky actually

I can't remember how I did it right now, I can only suggest looking in the source, it's all integral.

I'll try and update my source code with some comments when I get time... Or, having looked at it again, completely rewrite it, it's rubbish... This looks like the bit you wan though:

var marker = new GMarker( new GLatLng( lat, lon ));
GEvent.addListener( marker, "click", function() {
marker.openInfoWindowTabsHtml( tabs );
} ); = lat;
marker.lon = lon;
marker.guid = guid;
var li = document.createElement("li"); = = guid;
var a = document.createElement("a");
a.innerHTML = content;
addEvent( a, "click", function() {
d( "Got a click on link " + guid );
marker.openInfoWindowTabsHtml( tabs );
} );
// d( li.innerHTML );
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RE: Interactive map of Folkestone


My name is Josh. I love your site. I work with a musician, and this type of Wiki-Meets-GMaps is exactly what we need for our Tour Database.

I would appreciate any direction / help you can give.

Thanks for your time and assistance~

Josh Keenan & Jana Pochop
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Chambers is apparently my perfect pub. Is it nice?

Chambers is apparently my perfect pub. Is it nice?
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It's ace

Real ales and ciders, great food, young crowd, pool table, relaxed, music... a great place to hang out.
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Well than, next time I'm in Folkstone, I will go there then.

Well than, next time I'm in Folkstone, I will go there then.
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