Women Voters & the Death Penalty (#10149)


Harry Clarke re-listing

Ebay's been a bit quiet for Harry Clarke illustrated books just recently, but this one's just been re-listed. It's not a particularly early one, an 11th impression from 1933, but it does have a full set of colour pictures. I was watching it when it had no bids at three quid, but got distracted and didn't bid. Now it's back on at a tenner, still nice to have at that price.
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Women Voters & the Death Penalty

Here's another unusual one;
Good Housekeeping volume 6 nos. 1-6; September 1924 to February 1925. Contains Clarke's double page illustration to "Women Voters & the Death Penalty". Publishers green cloth. 290 x 210mm. Numerous other illustrated articles & fiction. Thick volume weighing 3.5kgs. An elusive piece of Clarke work

Quite a high starting price of 50 pounds though...
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